eVisa Dubai

Dubai e-Visa is an online visa introduced in 2019 by the UAE Government to simplify the application process for eligible foreigners. It is a tourist visa that allows to enter Dubai for vacation, business handling, or to see family and friends. Dubai e-Visa is issued as a single-entry visa for 30 or 90 days of stay, as a multiple-entry visa permitting to stay for 30 days, or as a 96-hour transit visa. The application process takes place entirely online and can be done within several minutes. Its simple steps include filling out the form and attaching supporting documents, covering the fee, and getting an approved e-Visa at the email address. The processing takes up to 3 business days. Dubai e-Visa stays valid for 2 months since the issuing date and, in some cases, may be extended for 30 days twice. On arrival, you must present your travel documents – a valid visa and passport that stays effective for at least 6 months from the arrival.

Dubai visa types

Electronic visa to Dubai allows travelers to enter Dubai for tourist purposes, such as vacation, exploring the country, and visiting family and friends. It is also permitted to take part in business meetings, conferences, fairs, negotiating and handling any important business. Still, it’s not a working permit, and you cannot be employed while visiting Dubai with this kind of visa. According to the number of entries and permitted period of stay, the following types of Dubai tourist visa can be distinguished:
  • a single-entry UAE visa for a 30-day stay;
  • a single-entry UAE visa for a permitted stay of 90 days;
  • a multiple-entry visa type letting stay in Dubai for 30 days;
  • a transit visa to stay in the country for 96 hours.
You mustn’t overstay your allowed period or travel with a Dubai tourist visa for other purposes.

Online visa application form for Dubai

You won’t experience any hassle with paperwork or attending embassies or consulates when submitting the UAE visa, as you are able to apply online. You can do it from the comfort of your home, even in the late-night hour! Follow this simple instruction to apply for a Dubai visa online in the smoothest way possible:
  1. Fill out the online application form providing some personal, passport and travel information, such as your name and surname, nationality, email address, the purpose of travel, etc. Attach the necessary supporting documents.Be very attentive at his stage, as errors in the application or incomplete form may cause delays.
  2. Cover the Dubai visa fee. We offer only secure online payment methods, so you are free to choose any of them. For example, you may prefer to use your debit or credit card.As soon as you make the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation number at your email address;
  3. Check your inbox again for visa approval. The electronic Dubai visa will be delivered as a PDF document at the email address you mentioned in the application form.
The processing takes up to 72 hours, so apply for a visa at least three business days in advance to have a Dubai e-Visa on time. Note that the final decision upon approval is made by the UAE Immigration department.

Validity period

Online UAE visa stays valid for two months/60 days from the date of issuance. The passport and e-Visa are connected, so a passport must stay valid throughout the whole duration of your trip. Any changes to the data or the loss of the passport make the visa invalid. Dubai visa can be extended for a month/30 days twice without the need to leave the country. However, this does not apply to GCC residents, special entry, and 96-hour special mission visa holders. Note that if you stay in Dubai longer than your permitted period of stay without extending your visa, you may be fined, deported, or banned from re-entering the United Arab Emirates.


To be able to apply for a Dubai visa online, you must be from an eligible country and meet minimum electronic visa requirements such as having a working device, stable internet access, the ability to pay online, and an active email address.

Required documents

In order to get Immigration approval for UAE visas, you need to attach the following documents:
  • a photo of the passport’s bio-data page;
  • the last page of your passport;
  • a photo of your face – can be taken by your phone or PC camera;
  • confirmation code from the booked flight to the UAE;
  • a flight ticket
  • residence proof or ID to prove your address
If you intend to visit the UAE by land, you don’t need a flight ticket and the flight confirmation code. Application for underage travelers also requires a photo of the child’s birth certificate (either in English or Arabic). If the child’s birth certificate is in any other language, you need to provide an official and attested translation. You must make a paper copy of your online Dubai visa, as on arrival, the customs officials will check printed e-Visas copies. Citizens of only certain countries can get a visa on arrival. Whether you’re traveling to the Dubai International Airport or any other airport in UAE, you must check if your country is eligible for this type of Dubai visa.